Contracted by bars, restaurants and breweries, specialty beer and wine retailers, grocery stores, coffee shops, office and community workspaces. Draught WISE consults, designs and installs systems used to move draught products from the cold room to the dispense equipment to get to your customer.

Need regular maintenance on your system? We do wine, beer, water, coffee, and soda systems! Dirty lines are good for jokes……not for beer.


We do upgrades for your draught systems.

Does your current system require a bit of love? We can make your draught system look new again.

A well taken care of draught system can increase sales with employee confidence. We also can add liquor control and monitoring systems to your establishment.

We can help you maximize your profits by ensuring the system is pouring at its optimum ability.


We lease out cylinders for all your draught system needs. CO2, Nitrogen, Beer, Stout gas.

We provide Canada’s ONLY BEVERAGE GRADE CO2!

We offer quick and simple tracking of your gas needs and deliver it to you 24 hours a day!

We also offer sales and leasing options for dewars for breweries, nitrogen gas generators, and gas blenders.

We proudly partner with Messer Canada (Formerly Linde Canada).

Messer logo


We now specialize in implementing and servicing many kinds of cleaning and sanitation chemicals, including our own Grass Roots ECO line.

We provide chemicals, chemical dispensers, equipment, and ongoing maintenance for a wide variety of clients in the food and beverage, hospitality, retirement living, residential care facility, health, sports, commercial laundry, and industrial sectors.

Need a dishwasher or glass washer? We can sell or lease you that too!


We are LOCAL.

We distribute, install and service systems for all your fountain beverage needs! All our products are made with REAL cane sugar in Vancouver.

National Brands of Energy Drinks, Soda and Juice products! Premium Canadian Products without the Premium Price!


Draught WISE leases portable draught systems to new and existing establishments that currently don’t have a draught program. 

If you need a small system for a wedding, or special event we have you covered with bronco pumps, jockey boxes, and flash chillers.

Need a dishwasher or glasswasher we can help you with that too!

Draught WISE Warehouse

We sell fridges, kegs, regulators, CO2 cylinders, beer line cleaning kits, dish washers, glass washers, couplers, and kegs! We welcome all orders and inquiries for your commercial and home dispense setups.

If you don’t see something that you need, let us know and we can source it out for you! (This will be upgraded and new products added regularly. Come back often! )

We are Draught Integrity Technicians

Draught WISE helps Vancouver Island pour quality craft beer so it tastes the way that it was originally intended. We care about the journey your beer has been on. We want to ensure that you get brewery quality beer wherever you see the Draught WISE seal.Look for our seal to know that your beer is Draught WISE.

Dirty lines. Good for jokes…not for beer.

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Our Draught WISE Certified Clients

Draught Beer Quality Assurance


If you are considering a draught beer system for your establishment, let Draught WISE help. We can explain the benefits of draught beer systems, help design it for optimum performance and cost savings and do the installation to the highest industry standards.

Design & Installation

The Draught WISE team of professionals is trained in the planning and design of draught systems with the goal of implementing the most efficient and cost effective installation for our customers.

Gas and Gas Delivery

Draught WISE not only provides draught line services but also provides gas, gas delivery, refrigeration and temperature advice. Draught WISE cross promotes quality craft beer and facilitates profits and industry sales with interactive online services.

Draught Wise is one to watch!

Draught WISE was voted one of the Top 10 Businesses to Watch in 2011 by Douglas Magazine

What does it mean to be Draught wise?

Cleaning every two weeks!!

We follow industry standards
Draught WISE follows the standards and guidelines of not only the brewery, The Brewer’s Association of Canada, The American Brewer’s Association, Micro-Matics Dispense Institute and the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), but the hospitality industry itself.

We have certified technicians
Certified Draught WISE technicians consult and perform regular diagnostics of Vancouver Island draught product systems and reward them with a Draught WISE seal so you know that the beverage you are consuming is true to the vision of the brew master.

We focus on efficiency
We give recommendations to bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels on how they can maximize their profits through regular system maintenance while ensuring that the consumer gets a quality crafted beverage served the way that it was truly intended.

We visit regularly
Draught WISE perform a service every fourteen days. This prevents a build up of bacteria, mold and beer stone. If there is a build-up, the natural flow of the product is compromised and creates turbulence in the draught line. This is only one of the reasons that you’ll experience a foamy product.

We are locally owned and operated
We are Vancouver Island owned and operated, and we have partnerships with major national and international suppliers.

We can make your business “Draught WISE”
Draught WISE has implemented a program that rewards distributors and establishments who complete Draught WISE guidelines. We ensure that the draught lines are clean and safe and true in accordance with industry guidelines and the integrity of the brew masters themselves. Draught WISE not only provides draught line services but also provides gas, gas delivery, refrigeration and temperature advice. Draught WISE cross promotes quality craft beer and facilitates profits and industry sales with interactive online services.

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Draught Wise technicians are certified!

Brewery Installs

Here some of our client Breweries… for their growler and lounge installs and their regular maintenance!
Driftwood Brewery
Hoyne Brewing Co.
Category 12 Brewery
Sooke Brewing Co.
Whistle Buoy Brewery
Herald Street Brew Works
Pemberton Brewery
Twin Sails Brewery
Beach Fire Brewery
Vancouver Island Brewery
Canoe Brewpub, Marina and Restaurant
Moon Brewery and Pub
Macaloney’s Caledonian Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery
4 Mile Brewing Co.
Gladstone Brewing Co.
Plus many more.

Draught Line Cleaning

The three key factors to serving quality draught beer are Temperature, Pressure and Cleanliness. These three factors must be kept in perfect balance at all times. Draught WISE can help you maintain high profits and quality draught beer for you customers by ensuring that each pint you pour is perfect every time.

Dispensing Products

Regular maintenance of your draught beer system is the key to keeping profits high and your customers happy and coming back. Ask us about our large parts inventory. We have what you need.

Draught System Leases

Draught WISE leases portable draught systems to new and existing establishments that currently don’t have a draught program, or for special events, weddings, or even your back yard for the summer months and your sports den in the winter (or you may consider a permanent home install).

Look for us around town!

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