“Our job is to install and maintain craft beer systems in the Greater Victoria area, even though we have on occasion completed installations as far up Island as Port Hardy. So really we do cover Vancouver Island from end to end,” Plaxton explained.

Shelly Plaxton and her husband and business partner Gregory Plaxton, launched Draught WISE in 2010 when the pair recognized a unique business opportunity – to provide, install and maintain systems that allow their clients to distribute craft beers to their clients without issue or factors that would impact the taste or quality of the product.

“We now employ 8 people and we visit our existing clients (more than 350 at last count) on a regular basis to perform inspections of their beer systems to ensure they are pouring quality craft beer, as the brewer intended,” she explained.



Draught WISE is based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
We employ 8 people, and we think of them as family.

We have worked in Victoria’s hospitality industry for over two decades and have established extensive relationships with many restaurants, public houses and bars and breweries. Draught WISE knows general managers, bar managers, owners, operators, employees and their customers.

Draught WISE knows the importance of fresh, quality beer and its mission is to get it to you.