FACT: An estimated 10 million Canadians drink beer.

Beer is the number one beverage in Canada in both production and consumption.

Draught WISE has implemented a program that rewards distributors and establishments who complete Draught WISE guidelines. We ensure that the draught lines are clean and safe and true in accordance with industry guidelines and the integrity of the brew masters themselves.

Draught WISE not only provides draught line services but also provides gas, gas delivery, refrigeration and temperature advice. Draught WISE cross promotes quality craft beer and facilitates profits and industry sales with interactive online services.

Becoming and staying Draught WISE

Draught WISE consults owners/managers and their employees about the advantages and profitability of dispensing draught correctly.

Draught WISE provides distributors of draught beer with quality and timely cleaning of the whole draught system: the taps, the faucets, beer lines and couplers. This is critical in the provision of clean, fresh-tasting draught.

Draught WISE performs this service every fourteen days. This prevents a build up of bacteria, mold and beer stone. If there is a build-up, the natural flow of the product is compromised and creates turbulence in the draught line. This is only one of the reasons that you’ll experience a foamy product.

Draught WISE decreases slippage and increases profits!

Draught WISE ensures that the draught lines are safe and clean and true in accordance with the industry’s guidelines.

Equipping you WISEly

Draught WISE also installs new – and upgrades old – draught systems. We give recommendations on how you can improve your system’s performance to increase sales.

Draught WISE leases portable draught systems to new and existing establishments that currently don’t have a draught program. We encourage new programs to help promote the vast array of British Columbia’s many draught products.

Draught WISE leases portable draught systems to your special event, wedding, your back yard for the summer months and your sports den in the winter (or you may consider a permanent home install).

Draught WISE is Gas WISE

At Draught WISE Draught Integrity Technicians, gas service is an integral part of our business. One of our jobs is to maintain carbonation to maintain the integrity of the product. Draught WISE has entered a partnership with Messer Canada. Messer Canada has developed around the globe as a dedicated service provider to the hospitality, brewing and PH control industries.

Draught WISE suggests for you to use a Beverage Grade CO2 for dispensing soft drinks and beers in your business. This will ensure that your customers are satisfied, as the beverages will have perfect carbonation, and thus promote your sales and profitability. Please visit www.bevtech.org for further information regarding the ISBT Quality Guidelines.

Furthermore, Messer Canadaand Draught WISE work together to provide you with products that have trace-ability through a pre-planned process in the unlikely event of an incident to minimize risks and any interruption to supply. Messer Canada’ dedication of people, cylinders and equipment resources means that Draught WISE can be absolutely confident in our ability to provide that same consistently high and unsurpassed standard of service to you…our customer.

Call Draught WISE at 1-877-908-WISE (9473) for a personal consultation of your system and a brief overview of our services, products and competitive prices.

Words to the Wise

Draught WISE will provide all clients with a Draught WISE Guide so that they can easily troubleshoot any problem, any time of the day.

Draught WISE would like to help clients educate their staff so that every staff member knows proper draught pouring techniques, so that the product integrity is consistent, fresh and clean every time.

Draught WISE encourages a GREEN Initiative. From the use of post-consumer recycled paper to fuel efficient company vehicles, we care about our environmental imprint, and continually develop our commitment to GREEN.

We provide clients with a service that offers the safe removal and disposal of chemicals used in line cleaning.

Contact Draught WISE for more details.

On-line Client Account Management & Access

Draught WISE provides all clients with an interactive on-line service. Clients can view their accounts and receive updates about diagnostics and inspections.

Draught WISE proudly supports All Vancouver Island Breweries! Here are just a few.