What does it mean to be Draught WISE?



We follow industry standards.
Draught WISE follows the standards and guidelines of not only the brewery, The Brewer’s Association of Canada, The American Brewer’s Association, Micro-Matics Dispense Institute and the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), but the hospitality industry itself.

We have certified technicians.
Certified Draught WISE technicians consult and perform regular diagnostics of Vancouver Island draught product systems and reward them with a Draught WISE seal so you know that the beverage you are consuming is true to the vision of the brew master.

We focus on efficiency.
We give recommendations to bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels on how they can maximize their profits through regular system maintenance while ensuring that the consumer gets a quality crafted beverage served the way that it was truly intended.

We visit regularly.
Draught WISE perform a service every fourteen days. This prevents a build up of bacteria, mold and beer stone. If there is a build-up, the natural flow of the product is compromised and creates turbulence in the draught line. This is only one of the reasons that you’ll experience a foamy product.

We are locally owned and operated.
We are Vancouver Island owned and operated, and we have partnerships with major national and international suppliers.

We can make your business “Draught WISE”.
Draught WISE has implemented a program that rewards distributors and establishments who complete Draught WISE guidelines. We ensure that the draught lines are clean and safe and true in accordance with industry guidelines and the integrity of the brew masters themselves. Draught WISE not only provides draught line services but also provides gas, gas delivery, refrigeration and temperature advice. Draught WISE cross promotes quality craft beer and facilitates profits and industry sales with interactive online services.

Draught Wise technicians are certified!

Look for us around town!